cherries + tacos

Over the weekend my friend Adam and I drove to Sun Valley Farms in Winona to pick the season's first cherries. I'd heard that cherries weren't going to be that great this year due to too much rain, but these were fantastic. They weren't as plump as in previous years, but they were sweet and weren't mushy.
On the way back to the city, we had some great authentic Mexican food in Hamilton at Mex-I-Can. I've been craving tacos like mad this summer and these were fresh and flavourful. 
* Mexican Coke (tastes so much better) + guacamole
* carnitas tacos (top) + chorizo tacos (bottom)

* Sun Valley Farms
1186 Highway 8
Winona, ON.

* Mex-I-Can
107 James St. North
Hamilton, ON.