on the road

Last weekend, me, Seema and our respective boyfriends took a road trip to the Catskills to attend a wedding. We left a day early so that we could take the scenic route through some of the smaller towns between here and our destination. Estimated travel time was supposed to be about seven hours...but due to extensive flooding in New York state (that we didn't know about), our trip went from relaxed to stressful. And it took about twice as long through winding, hilly, unfamiliar county roads (not to mention numerous detours around flood-ravaged areas). We didn't get to enjoy the scenery too much or stop at all the antique stores and wacky roadside attractions we wanted to. But, in the end, with much help from the most kind strangers who helped us along the way, we made it. 

The wedding took place in Roxbury, NY on a beautiful property with views of the mountains and never-ending fields of green. If only we had a couple more days to explore the area. Such a nice change from the city.
We did get a chance to sample some awesome ice cream from Yummies in Warsaw, NY (we were still happy and unaware of the impending doom that we were about to face at this point).
And I ate copious amounts of American snacks to get me through the hours of uncertainty.


  1. Was the wedding in a barn? As in a REALLY nice barn? Beauty!

  2. I love it, The wedding in that beautiful barn and that old house great posting. It makes me want to pick right up and move to the countryside.