montreal: atwater market

Montreal's Atwater Market is one of my favourite places to kill some time—mostly spent ogling cheese, terrines and baked goods.
It was clear that autumn had arrived at the market. The outside section was literally overflowing with pumpkins, squash and gourds.
Even for October, the produce looked amazing. I was drawn to the mini eggplants and ground cherries. 
There were cranberries galore. Both fresh and dried.
The great thing about Quebec markets is the vast selection of artisanal charcuterie and local cheese. I picked up some stinky, raw milk Pied-De-Vent from the Magdalen Islands.
Atwater Market
138 Atwater

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  1. Again, with the camera and shots, beautiful photos Vern! Absolutely love the pumpkin shot. Raw milk cheese?!?! My Doug Powell days make me want to go *tsk, tsk, tsk* ;)