eastern legend...again

I'm usually pretty organized when it comes to weekday meal planning. My Sundays are more often than not, spent in the kitchen in preparation for the upcoming week. But every so often, I lose motivation. This was one of those weeks. So when Wednesday rolled around, I had nothing prepped for dinner. Luckily Eastern Legend is around the corner from my house. I've blogged about this place before and it's way better than the delivery Chinese food in my area which, unfortunately, is not so good.
Spicy pork szechuan wrap: this is a special that they just started serving. It's only $1!
Insides: pork, lettuce, kimchi, bean sprouts, spicy sauce. So good and the waitress told us everything is homemade (even the tortilla-style pancake wrap).
Cantonese fried noodles
Deep-fried spicy squid

Eastern Legend
771 Dundas St. W


  1. OMG -i never say omg, but OMG! that looks sooo good!

  2. It is so good! We mainly come here for that squid and their dumplings. The squid is amazing! Though I've been thinking about that $1 wrap all day...

  3. that squid looks amazing!!!!!!! your blog is amazing and i am hungry again.