fifteen + st. john

We visited two "celebrity" restaurants while in London. Jamie Oliver's Fifteen and Fergus Henderson's St. John. I'm not that into Jamie Oliver these days, but I do have a couple of his older cookbooks and his recipes are always simple and delicious. As was our lunch at Fifteen. Here are some of the dishes we enjoyed.
House-made focaccia + olive oil
Mozzarella di bufala campana w/ char-grilled aubergines, chilli, mint, mixed leaves and aged balsamic
Linguine w/ shellfish broth, rope-grown mussels, courgettes and air-dried mullet roe
Eton mess with meringue and English strawberries
Selection of British cheeses
Dinner at St. John was quite the experience. Famed for it's focus on nose to tail cuisine, we were excited about what we would find on the menu that night. And we were not disappointed. This was one of my favourite meals of the entire trip.
Pig's spleen rolled with bacon + cornichons, red wine vinegar and red onions
Lamb's tongues and white beans
Pigeon, green beans and pickled walnuts
Peach jelly and jersey cream
Raspberry ripple ice cream
St. John
26 St. John St.
London, U.K

15 Westland Place
London, U.K


  1. You're kidding about the pigeon right? Right???

  2. The pigeon was awesome. I mean, come on, we were eating spleens and tongues that night! Joe loves that kind of stuff. Luckily everything was super tasty.

  3. Yeah, but spleens and tongues don't shit on you ;) Watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution as I type... yeah, I'm a nerd... I swear I have Friday night plans after I get my foodie fix :)

  4. oh brae, you made me laugh out loud. that night there were also "gull's eggs" on the menu...i'm pretty sure they weren't seagull's eggs, but that's all i could picture.

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