preserve planning

I sat down over the weekend and started thinking about what I wanted to preserve this summer. On my list: candied jalapenos (blogged here), red pepper jelly (blogged here), crunchy dill pickles/cornichons, peaches, cherries and some sort of relish or salsa.

I'm also pumped about this book arriving in my mailbox soon!

Some of last year's goods.


  1. ooh crunchy dill pickles, yummo. I have started growing some (pickling style) cucumbers from seed especially for that very purpose. If you have a tried and tested recipe you were willing to share I would be very keen as well as any tips or inside knowledge about the process as I haven't actually pickled before :) Last years goodies look very impressive!

  2. Most dill pickles recipes that I've tried in the past always turn out way too salty! One thing I always do is add a couple grapes leaves (usually found in the middle eastern section of the grocery store) to the jar, which somehow keeps the pickles crunchy. The pickles above were kosher-style deli pickles and made using a fermenting process...unfortunately, they were still too salty. Will let you know if I find a recipe that I'm truly happy with!