where to go?

Joe and I are planning a short vacation next month, but are having trouble pinning down a location. I'm thinking New York, but there's also talk of Portland or maybe just renting a cottage. I tried to get inspired by looking at some past vacation pictures. 
* frites w/ mayo - Amsterdam
* various forms of encased meats at Hot Doug's - Chicago
           * macarons - Paris            * kaas souffle - Rotterdam                                                   (deep-fried Dutch cheese) 

All food pics because our travel plans usually centre around eating.                                 


  1. I know you guys like the outdoors. Have you considered the Adirondack's in New York? For at least 5 summers we camped at Fish Creek Pond, 30 miles West of Lake Placid. It's awesome in there: http://fishcreekpond.com/

  2. thanks brae! will check it out!