some new old things

I did a bit of antiquing over the weekend and found some great stuff.
I've been looking for some vintage pyrex mixing bowls for a while now, but it was proving difficult finding a set that was in good shape. When I spotted these I knew they had to be mine. 
I couldn't pass up this old pop crate. I plan on hanging it vertically and using it as a small shelf. I should have grabbed two.
I bought this little enamelware soap dish because I thought it would look nice in a cottage bathroom or kitchen. I don't have a cottage (yet), but I like to plan ahead. 


  1. Awesome finds Vernie! Love, love the Pop Shop box. We used to have a Pop Shop 2 streets down growing up in Fergus :)

  2. thanks brae! i think this "pop shop" is a different one, because the canadian version is "shoppe" (had to google that when i got home). regardless, cream soda and lime rickey were my favs!