a victorian christmas

Over the weekend, Seema and I went to Dundurn Castle to see it all decked out for a traditional Victorian Christmas.
The entire castle was decorated just as it would have been when the MacNabs lived there. My favourite part was seeing the tables set and ready for a feast.
Even the servants had a special meal (obviously not as fancy though)during Christmas. That's a pigeon pie on the corner with little talons poking out.
Next, a late lunch at Bread Bar where the focus is on local and seasonal ingredients.
We shared a potato bianca pizza (fontina cheese, fingerling potatoes, bechamel sauce and rosemary)...
...and the toasted tomato, ricotta and basil sandwich along with the loaded fries of the day (poutine-style with curds and mushroom gravy).
We ignored our full stomachs and ordered the mixed berry pie (warm!) and ice cream for dessert. Such a satisfying meal.

*Bread Bar
258 Locke St. S
Hamilton, ON.

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