chocolate chocolate cookies

I recently made the chocolate chocolate cookies from the Milk Bar cookbook (last Momofuku post for a while, I swear).
They definitely had a very rich chocolate flavour (maybe too much so for my taste). But the texture was great. That's the thing that I've found with all the Momofuku cookies that I've made—the texture is perfect: crispy edges, chewy middles. The recipes always call for what you think will be too much salt, but that salty bite really complements and balances out the sweetness of the cookies.
I actually went one step further with these and made a Cherry Garcia ice cream sandwich...that I sadly couldn't finish for fear of falling into a sugar coma.


  1. So is Momofuka a type of cooking? A person? I'm confused.

    1. ha! momofuku is a chain of restaurants started in nyc by david chang. they have a huge following and one is actually set to open up in toronto sometime this year. they have 2 cookbooks and i use them way too much!

  2. Cool. Will have to Google it. Had no clue!