guu sakabar

When Guu came to Toronto a few years ago, I remember people raving about the food. But I also heard about nightmarish long lines (they don't take reservations) and a noisy atmosphere. Last year, a second location opened up on Bloor St. and a recent dinner invitation gave me the opportunity to finally check it out. The wait was about 40 minutes on a Friday night and the space is loud—really loud—but it's a fun vibe, especially for a group. First up, drinks: sake and nama grapefruit (half grapefruit that you squeeze yourself, vodka, soda). 
The menu is typical of a Japanese izakaya with a bunch of small dishes meant for sharing. There were five of us and we ordered 12 dishes plus dessert. My favs of the night: the saba sushi, takoyaki, tataki and both types of udon.
gomaae: blanched spinach w/ sesame sauce
karaage: deep-fried soy sauce marinated chicken w/ garlic mayo
bbq pork: pork belly w/ honey soy sauce
carbonara udon: udon noodles with bacon, onion and half-boiled egg
ikapiri: deep-fried calamari w/ spicy ketchup and wasabi mayo
kimchi udon: udon noodles w/ spicy cod roe topped w/ kimchi
maguro tataki: seared B.C tuna sashimi w/ ponzu and garlic chips
evening special: seared saba sushi w/ grilled rice
salmon tataki: seared B.C. salmon sashimi w/ ponzu, wasabi mayo and garlic chips
takoyaki: deep-fried octopus ball w/ tonkatsu sauce and karashi mayo
tontoro: grilled pork cheek w/ salt and yuzu pepper
ebimayo: deep-fried prawn w/ spicy mayo

The desserts were just as awesome. Not too sweet, but a perfect ending to our meal.
goma zukushi: sesame ice cream, sesame mochi rice cakes, sesame wafers
roasted green tea cheese cake

Guu Sakabar
559 Bloor St. W

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