holy chuck burgers

I've been wanting to go to Holy Chuck Burgers for months, so I was pretty excited when Joe suggested we go over the weekend. Joe had the signature Holy Chuck (a bacon double cheeseburger w/ caramelized onions) and hand-cut fries:
I went for the Mad Cow (a junior cheeseburger + a deep-fried cream cheese-stuffed portobello mushroom) and house-made chips:
A closer look at my burger:
So how did it rate? Well, I'm not entirely sold on this place. First off, it cost about $34 for these two meals (including drinks). That's quite steep (but I guess not really crazy for "gourmet" burger joints). The burger patties were fresh and juicy, the buns were pillowy soft, and the fries and chips were awesome. My main problem was that the portobello mushroom on my burger wasn't cooked enough. The coating was uber-crisp, but the mushroom was pretty much and I am not a fan of raw shrooms. I actually took it off my burger and just ate the cheeseburger portion. I also didn't like the herb aioli which was too overpowering. I still want to go back, however, next time I'll go for a plain burger (Joe's was really good) and maybe try one of their outrageous milkshakes (uh, Nutella and salted caramel? Yes, please!). I'm also planning a visit to The Burger's Priest soon to see how their burgers compare.

Holy Chuck Burgers
1450 Yonge St.


  1. Too bad your portobello wasn't cooked to perfection. In concept it sounds devine!

  2. i know! cheese stuffed deep-fried mushroom....c'mon!!