korean cold noodles

Last Sunday I woke up craving mul naeng myun (Korean cold noodles in slushy broth) and made Joe take me all the way to Markham to Cho Sun Ok. They seriously have the best naeng myun. The broth is slushy, cool and so refreshing; the noodles thin and chewy. The toppings include vinegary ribbons of Korean radish, a thick slice of juicy and sweet Korean pear, strips of cucumbers, half a boiled egg and some spicy sauce. It's the perfect summer meal in my books (though I've craved this mid-winter too). 
Since the mul naeng myun doesn't contain meat, Joe had his with a side of kalbi:
I went for a side of crispy mandoo (gyoza-style dumplings):
Cho Sun Ok
7353 Yonge St.

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