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I'm on a bit of a Korean kick these days and decided to try out a new restaurant, Sunny Dragon which specializes in Korean Chinese food. I'm not sure how to define Korean Chinese cuisine, but the most popular dishes are ja jang myun (chewy noodles in a rich black bean sauce), tang su yuk (crispy sweet and sour pork), jjamppong (spicy noodle and seafood soup) and kkhanpunggi (spicy-sweet crispy fried chicken). My usual order includes ja jang myun and tang su yuk, but I'm pretty excited to go back and try out some new dishes from their extensive menu.
Here are the side dishes: kimchi, yellow pickled radish which is perfect in between bites of noodles, and raw sweet onion that you dip in the dark brown black bean paste on the far right.
The tang su yuk was really good. Unlike Chinese sweet and sour pork, the sauce isn't as gloopy and leans more on the tangy side rather than sweet. 
Then came the jajangmyun. Step 1: Mix it all up!
Now, it's ready to eat. Almost every table had some form of this dish—apparently there are a few versions including one with seafood and another that uses rice instead of noodles. 

Sunny Dragon
398 Steeles Ave. W.

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