la gaspésie

I've been back in the city for a while now, but you know how it is after coming home from vacation. Catching up at work, doing a billion loads of laundry (even though it felt like I only wore two outfits the entire trip) and getting my life back in order, always seems to take longer than expected. My trip in a nutshell was great. Relaxing, low-key and just what I needed. The scenery was amazing! Cliffs, coast and tiny villages.
And the seafood! It was fresh every day. We ate a lot of lobster and I was obsessed with the sweetest little shrimps from Matane
Along the way, we passed poissoneries, fumoirs and fromageries. I  couldn't resist the snack packs of still warm squeaky cheese curds and Joe went wild for the smoked fish.
But we didn't only eat. We saw whales! Even though I was sea sick for most of the boat ride, it was mind-blowing to see whales up close. During our expedition we saw about 10, but we even saw a few from shore.
In a few of the villages we hit the wharf to try our hand at mackerel fishing. At first we didn't seem to have the right lures, but after getting some tips from the locals, we were ready. 
Soon it was time for the long drive home. The best part was stopping at Fromagerie Lemaire near Drummondville. I've written about this place before and still swear by their delicious poutine. 
I'm starting to think that road trips are the way to go. Seeing a part of Canada that I've never experienced before was awesome. And being able to stop whenever we wanted was even better. Next summer I'm thinking, West Coast?

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  1. I'm with Joe on the smoked fish (salmon and trout - yum!!!)
    West Coast trip with a stop in Calgary??? Please!