mexitaco sunday

It was Sunday afternoon and I was in the mood for tacos. I decided to give Mexitaco a try. 
Two Jarritos to start...
...along with an order of guacamole. Unfortunately, there were too many overcooked tortillas.
Tacos al pastor for me (I love the combination of pork and pineapple)...
and chilaquiles (fried tortillas cooked in tomatillo sauce and topped with sour cream and salty feta-like cheese) for Joe. Mexitaco's version came with a huge flat steak and refried beans. The chilaquiles themselves were pretty good, but I'm definitely a bigger fan of Senor Chipotle's in Guelph.
Overall, an ok meal. Nothing really stood out to me and I probably won't rush back anytime soon, but at least I tried somewhere new. The next place I'll be heading to when it comes to tacos: Rebozos. I hear they do a crazy good tongue taco.

828 Bloor St. W

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