say cheese

I haven't made a good cheese board in a while, so when a friend and fellow cheese-lover was visiting, I decided to whip up a little fromage selection to snack on.
Clockwise from top left: fig jam; Grey Owl, a tangy goat cheese with an ashy rind from Quebec; a triple cream brie-like cheese that I can't remember the name of, sorry; Bleu Bénédictin, a pungent blue from Quebec; Merlot BellaVitano, a sharp and rich cheese that's soaked in Merlot from Wisconsin.
The full spread included a variety of pickles and olives, some bacon-wrapped parmigiano-stuffed dates, crostinis, veggies, plus some of the amazing goods I picked up at Arz.


  1. That Grey Owl looks delicious! Last night for the 1st time ever I tried Manchego, It was so good! On a green salad with beets & chicken. Yum!!

  2. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/food-and-wine/food-trends/canadas-top-five-cheese-destinations/article4452324/