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Apparently Lancaster County gets pretty touristy in the summer months due to the two outlet malls in the area, an amusement park called Dutch Wonderland and people intrigued by the Amish communities. One of the main reasons I was drawn to the area is the extensive antique shopping. Independent stores, roadside stands and huge antique markets were everywhere. I'll admit that it was a bit overwhelming.
I was really into the quilts. 
Some of my finds included a full 8-piece set of pyrex refrigerator dishes to add to my collection (the price was ridiculously good) and a vintage Mello-Rich pie tin.
One last slice of Shoofly pie from Dutch Haven before we hit the road. Not sure how authentic the pie here was, since traditionally it should contain molasses and the ingredients listed on this one (we bought an entire pie for friends back home) did not. It still tasted mighty fine. I picked up an Amish cookbook so I'll attempt to make my own one day soon. I also tried an Amish root beer. It tasted stronger and more herbaceous than regular root beer and was not as sweet. I saw quite a few signs at the end of farm driveways advertising homemade root beer for sale.

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  1. AMAZING!!!!
    I love the Pyrex and the quilts and and and.....