xmas crafting

This year I am actually going to decorate my apartment for the holidays—tree and all. Problem is that I have absolutely nothing. My mom is kindly giving me a bunch of lights and ornaments, but I also want to add a bit of a personal touch, so Adam and I spent an afternoon crafting.  
I love this pom pom garland! So much so that it'll be hanging in our hallway until we get our Christmas tree.
I rushed through making these pine cone elves (I am not a patient hand-sewer), but I still think they're cute. I'll probably turn these into ornaments and make nicer ones to sit on my shelf.
Adam on the other hand, is a perfectionist. His put mine to shame.
Of course, I made snacks: a retro cheeseball, pigs in a blanket, crispy wontons and onion/herb dip.


  1. I just put up my tree tonight! Love your craft thumb:)

  2. I had the most fun crafting that day and I cannot wait to have another day soon. I think I am getting my tree in the next couple of days. Awsome pictures.