cne eats 2012

Oh the CNE! Where carnies, crowds and over-priced deep-fried food abound. I usually get suckered/forced to go every year. I didn't eat the deep-fried butter like last year and was tempted by the pulled pork red velvet pancakes and bacon sundae funnel cake, but I think those things sound better in writing than in person. Here's what I did try. 
Obligatory corn dog. It tasted like a corn dog. Should have went for the deep-fried dill pickle instead.
Kalbi bao and spicy fried chicken bao from Far East Taco. I was going to try their Korean-style tacos, but thought the bao bread would be a better vehicle for the saucy fillings. I think I was right. Though these were pretty good, they got nothing on the Banh Mi Boys.
Tiny Tom donuts for dessert. I considered going for something a bit more crazy—deep fried rice crispy squares maybe—but I can never say no to these greasy little bites of dough.

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