north of brooklyn pizzeria

Good pizza is hard to find around my neighbourhood, so when I saw a new pizza place setting up shop just one street over, I was pumped. I've had pizza twice now from North of Brooklyn Pizzeria and I'm happy to say that this is some good pie. The first time I called ahead for pick-up. Joe went to grab the 'zas and he said that service was painfully slow (the pizzas were sitting on the counter for 15 minutes before anyone decided to box them up). So slow that the pizzas were lukewarm by the time he got them home (even though we literally live a block away). Luckily, they still tasted awesome. The second time we stopped in for a couple of slices. We enjoyed those (hot!) fresh out of the oven. Delicious.
My favourite so far is the pepperoni. Thin, bubbly crust topped with cheese and some really good pep! Slightly spicy and uber flavourful, this pepperoni puts the generic kind to shame. The classic margherita is also a reliable standby with fresh basil, tomato sauce and mozz. 
It's been pretty dangerous having such good pizza so close by. Dangerous, but also convenient.
North of Brooklyn Pizzeria
650 1/2 Palmerston Ave.

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