backyard korean bbq

Seema and I both love Korean bbq, so we decided to have one in her backyard. 
* side dishes: both Korean & Japanese 
* Seema made 3 types of gyoza using ingredients from her garden

When it came to meats, Seema made chicken yakitori and I brought samgyupsal (sliced pork belly)and marinated a ton of kalbi (Korean short ribs). 
* samgyupsal lettuce wrap (w/ kimchi and seasoned dried anchovies)

Dessert was sweet and simple: black sesame ice cream with strawberries and condensed milk.

Seema has a nice backyard. Check out her blog for more pics.


  1. Dude... how is Joe so slim when we probably eats so much of your amazing food???

  2. ha! i know, i get asked that a lot! he has those good korean genes. lucky!

  3. Oh yeah, BBQ was awesome. Thanks Brae! I maintain a strict diet of bacon and donuts between gorging myself to keep my youthful figure ;)

  4. Man, o, man... if only that diet worked for me!