sweets & treats

I fear that over the last few weeks I've developed quite the sweet tooth. One culprit? Caramel au beurre salé from Paris. It's rich, sweet and slightly salty. It's perfection really.    
* salted caramels (so good that I'm rationing them and kicking myself for not picking up more)
* Franck Kestener "Atlantique" dark chocolate bar w/ salted caramel and crisp butter cookie

I picked up a couple of the above bars at A L'Etoile d'Or, a small shop in Montmartre. The owner, Denise Acabo (pictured below) is a sweetheart. She showed me clippings of publications she's been featured in, asked me which blogs I've seen her on, and I loved how she would suggest chocolates for me then sample a few right there saying she was hungry. I guess she never got sick of eating chocolate.
* A L'Etoile d'Or
30, rue Fontaine (9th)


  1. This might be one of my favourite posts b/c you made friends with the donna of the shop AND she eats her own goods - Good job!!! If you like salted caramel do you love the Dutchie salted licorices?

  2. she was awesome. talked a mile a minute (in French), but I somehow managed to keep up with her (thanks high school french immersion!). i busted out laughing when she started chomping on the chocolates while recommending them to me. hilarious and totally something i would do. i do like those salted licorices, but only in small amounts.