fish tacos

I've been craving fish tacos ever since I had Grand Electric's version way back in January. So after a quick trip to Kensington Market for fresh tortillas and fish, Joe and I collaborated to make these crispy fish tacos with red cabbage slaw.
For the fish, we chose grouper. It was dipped in a simple tempura batter and fried until crispy. All it needed was a squeeze of lime and some tangy slaw.
We also made shrimp tacos using the same tempura batter. I threw together a quick pineapple salsa and added a spoonful of salsa verde to each taco to finish them off.
The salsa verde is from La Tortilleria, where we get our tortillas. It's usually pretty mild, but this batch was really spicy—which made it that much more delicious. I cut up some of the tortillas into triangles and fried them for fresh chips.

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