weekend bites

I stayed in the city over the long weekend and I felt like all I did was eat. Starting with Friday morning dim sum at Dim Sum King:
I also tried the new self-serve frozen yogurt joint that opened up down the street. It was ok, but nothing I'd rush back for.
Nadège was super busy all weekend, but I managed to squeeze in for a trio of mini canelés and a few macarons (green tea, cotton candy and salted caramel). The bright pink cotton candy was surprisingly my favourite. I think it's time for another trip to Paris.
The ice cream trucks are out and I couldn't resist grabbing my first street cone of the year:
Happy long weekend!


  1. Dickee Dee?!?! Man I use to be able to hear that cart rolling toward Garafraxa St. a mile away! What is a caneles? Looks like a fried banana to me.

  2. a canele is a french pastry. it's crunchy and caramelized on the outside and inside the pastry is custard-y in texture and flavoured with vanilla beans. i got addicted to them when i was in paris!

  3. No doubt you did! Sound amazing!