momofuku compost cookies

When the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook came out, I remember the compost cookie recipe getting a lot of flack; that the measurements were "off" resulting in burned-edge-raw-in-the-middle cookies. When I finally got around to trying the recipe myself, they actually turned out almost identical to the real compost cookies I had at Milk Bar in NYC—kinda flat with a crunchy, caramelized edge, salty, sweet, and slightly greasy (makes sense since there are potato chips in there). I followed the recipe exactly, but do have a few tips.
Tip #1: Use the weight measurements. I weighed my flour then scooped it out to see if it equalled the said cup amount, and it didn't.
Tip #2: Freeze your baking sheets. It helps the dough not spread as fast.
Tip #3: Use a 1/3 C to portion out the dough, if you try to make regular-sized cookies the dough will spread too fast and burn. 
Tip #4: After baking, the edges may seem scraggly and much browner than the rest of the cookie (the middle will still be a bit raw), use a spatula to "push" the edges in and shape the cookies. This way, as the cookies continue to bake and cool on the baking sheet, the edges won't burn and the cookies will end up more even. 
You can find the recipe hereLike the name suggests, there's a bit of everything in these cookies. I used chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, toffee bits, graham crust (it's in the recipe), and kettle-cooked chips. Since I didn't have any pretzels, I almost put some crunchy Cheetos in there, but that would have been weird, right? 

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  1. Man... that's one crazy recipe. It's like a dumping zone for good stuff!