oh ottawa

Me and the fam recently spent a weekend in Ottawa, but before skipping town my bro and I stopped by the Lakeview for a quick breakfast. While I ate my mediocre toast and eggs, I was pining for bro's disco breakfast—fries topped with melted cheddar and havarti cheese, crumbled bacon, sliced maple sausages and a runny fried egg. 
First stop in Ottawa? Parliament Buildings obviously.
The Byward Market is always fun to walk around, though around this time of year there aren't too many local food vendors. Most of the produce looked like it came from a food terminal, but there was plenty of local maple syrup, honey and even some cheese. 
The French Baker in the market, offers a large assortment of French breads and pastries. I tried a pain au chocolat and a pair of macarons. Both were just alright.
I stared at the bronze replica of Louise Bourgeois' Maman outside the National Gallery of Canada for way too long. It's just so fascinating.
And check out this retro Zellers store. During my trip, I heard that this downtown location is too small to turn into a Target so the building will be put up for sale later on this year.

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