tofu village

When I need my soon dubu (spicy Korean soft tofu stew) fix, I usually make a beeline for Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu or Tofu Village. Both restos offer really good soon dubu (admittedly, I favour Buk Chang’s more because I can get kimchi soon dubu), but Tofu Village has a more diverse menu for those who want more than just soup.
My favourite part of Korean meals is the banchan. At Tofu Village you get sesame tofu, seasoned soybean sprouts, candied potatoes and really good kimchi.
Unlike at Buk Chang, you don't get to chose what kind of soon dubu you get. All come with a mix of seafood, beef and plenty of soft tofu. I get mine medium spicy. Crack in a raw egg (the soup is boiling hot so it cooks the egg), give it a stir and you're ready to eat! 
If you get a combo, go for the kalbi (Korean ribs) and soon dubu meal. The ribs are nicely marinated and come out on a sizzling hot plate. 

Tofu Village
681 Bloor St. W.

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  1. I need to get into Korean. It looks enticing. Not sure enticing Calgary Korean would be though...