lunch in j-town

I only go to J-Town maybe once or twice a year, but when I do go, one of the highlights is having lunch at Cafe Green Tea. The menu is pretty simple with dishes like udon, soba, curry and tonkatsu, but the food is always piping hot and delicious. 
Pork tonkatsu + Japanese curry:
I find it hard to resist picking up some bread at the adjoining Bakery NakamuraUnlike the savoury buns you get at Chinese bakeries that are soft and sweet, the bread here is very French influenced and baguette-like. The toppings are also mixed into the bread so you get bits of flavour in every bite. 
Clockwise from top left: cheese bun, bacon stick, cheese and onion bun, sausage wasabi bun. 
3160 Steeles Ave. E.


  1. O my my do those buns after look delicious!

  2. yeah, they were so good that joe and i devoured them in one sitting. we don't have any self control.

  3. That pork tonkatsu and curry is the exact meal I like to eat when I'm at J-Town! mmm…