nak won

My first dinner out in 2012 was at Nak Won's downtown location on Dundas St. We've been eating a lot of Korean food lately (I'll have a post on another Korean restaurant later this week) because it's the perfect type of food when the weather's cold and dreary.
I love getting a large assortment of banchan (little complimentary side dishes). Clockwise from top left: seaweed, seasoned soybean sprouts, candied potatoes, pickled radish, soybeans, jap chae (potato starch noodles), fish cakes, and kimchi.
Broiled mackerel and kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew).
Tang Soo Yuk, the Korean version of sweet and sour pork.
Pretty much every table at the restaurant had at least one bowl of this pork bone soup. Messy (you got to get your hands dirty to get at the good stuff), but so worth it.

Nak Won
473 Dundas St.W

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