country roads

Some days I find the idea of moving to the country really tempting. Like this day that was spent driving around Woolwich Township just outside of Waterloo. After a pit stop at the market, we drove on passing through St. Jacobs and Elmira. I fell pretty  hard for the vast farmland, historic homes and slow-paced small town feel of the area, and was pretty excited to stop at the covered bridge (aka Kissing Bridge) in West Montrose. 
Built in 1881, this is the last covered bridge in Ontario. It's quite beautiful and stretches across the Grand River.
Heading back to the city and towards Elora, we stopped at a lookout to take in the view of the Grand River and surrounding valley. Then, back to real life.


  1. What? You didn't stop in Fergus? LOVE that bridge! There's actually a little history book published about it that I got my Dad for Christmas.

  2. we are going to do fergus, elora and beyond soon! we just ran out of time. i can't believe that bridge still exists (and is still standing).