korean fried chicken

The Korean fried chicken at the Galleria Korean supermarket is awesome. It comes steaming hot, is mega crispy and the meat is so juicy. You do have to wait almost 30 minutes from when you order it (or in our case an hour, because the cashier forgot to actually place our order with the kitchen), but they at least give you a buzzer that tells you when your order is up so you can grocery shop while you wait. We got a half order of traditional Mom's fried chicken:
There's also a seasoned version that comes tossed in a sweet-spicy sauce. Along with the chicken you get a small container of tangy cubed pickled radish. 
Because of the extra long wait, Joe and I also shared an order of jjangmyun (noodles in black bean sauce) pre-chicken:
Galleria Supermarket
865 York Mills Rd.

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