new sky

New Sky is probably my most-frequented restaurant in all of Toronto (no lie, I've even celebrated my last three birthdays here with friends). Service is ok, the atmosphere is typical Chinatown (you can see the atrocious lighting in my pics), but I go for the food and nothing else. The double lobster dinner is the best deal if you're with a group—it comes with two lobsters (I like mine stir-fried with ginger and green onion), a choice of soup (go for the hot and sour) and a selection of other dishes (the number you choose depends on the number of diners at your table). Check out this feast: 

hot and sour soup

deep-fried soft shell crab w/ salt & pepper
crispy beef
beef w/ eggplant in hot garlic sauce
crispy sweet & sour pork with pineapple
salt & pepper squid
double lobsters w/ ginger and green onion
New Sky
353 Spadina Ave.

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  1. I heart deep fried salt & pepper squid. so good!